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This is Mahika Arora- Freshman at University of Massachusetts, Amherst majoring in Computer Science. 

Over the years, my mentors have helped me nurture my inherent potential and explore talents that I now excel in, which I never knew I had. They have made me versatile and an efficient multitasker.

This will be much more evident as you work your way through the site. It contains exactly those things that have moulded me into whatever I am today, in all dimensions.


Mahika Arora




Mahika Arora

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Dr Deerghasi Vizai Bhaskar

 Former Director:Culture Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh

This is to put on record the unparallel skills of communications and matchless talents of Ms Mahika Arora, whom I know personally for the last few years. Her zeal of knowledge and inquisitiveness about new findings is highly appreciable. She dedicates herself fully to whatever work assigned and strives with full gusto. Her studiousness was revealed when she worked with us in the 'world telugu cultural fest 'The world Environment Day' and other similar global events.I wish her all the best in all her prospective endeavours


Ms Helen Graciela
Chief Programme Officer (CPO): Global Millennial Group

Mahika is eager to learn, has excellent communication skills, friendly, and reliable. She is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done on time. She is willing to work on any tasks that are assigned to her. As the project leader, she’s able to lead her team and all of the project's volunteers for the success of “Power of Youth”. With the outstanding performance from her in order to connect global youth especially those from India, I can guarantee that she has strong leadership skills.


Ms Amita Kochhar
Principal:The Millennium School, Panipat

It brings me boundless prestige to write a recommendation for Mahika Arora whom I have had the honor of observing on her path to not only reach unprecedented heights but also to offer succor to everyone around her to do the same.  Her top-notch performances in all the fields, whether curricular or co-curricular, has set a paradigm for everyone on how to be an all-rounder even in today’s competitive scenario. I am sure she will continue to bring pride to any institution/organisation she is a part of just how she has been doing in our school.

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Dr MC Das

Ph.d. Professor and Management Consultant


I feel great pleasure in testifying Ms Mahika Arora as a wonderful anchor and an erudite speaker. Her innate talent combined with her passionate endeavor allows her to be an asset for any organization she is in. Additionally, her ebullient nature and motivating presence help turn her acquaintances into cronies very quickly which is one of her myriad leadership qualities I wish her a successful future.


Director: Jignasa Interface Pvt. Ltd

Mahika is a very enthusiastic, positive spirited, visionful, highly Creative Girl. She demonstrates enormous and very effective Leadership Traits in organising International Grand Scale Festivals and Events. I am amazed at the maturity she exhibits at a very tender age in dealing with people, situations, various instances with a lot of ease and effectiveness. Despite her high skills and achievements, She is always grounded, friendly, welcoming, humble. She is a spreader of high positive energy among the Team. We, the Team of JIGNASA from South India, wish her all the very best in all her Creative Upcoming Endeavours impacting the society at Large.

Mahika Arora