• Founder and Executive Director- Worldwide Shine

    • Launched the organization with the mission and commitment to spread the message of positivity and to ensure positive contributions to the environment.

    • Designed the website and supervising a team of 60 youth members from all over the world.

    • Organized over 10 international events in a year with the team which made an impact.

  • President- House Council 

    • Overseeing the operations of my house council.

    • Leading goal setting and group building among my team.

    • Responsible for co-signing on the monetary matters.

  • Peer Mentor- MAICEI 

    • Mentoring people with intellectual disabilities to help them participate in an inclusive college experience.

  • Assistant Director 

    • Vice chaired the DISEC Committee at Harvard MUN.

  • Performing Arts Events Coordinator - University Programming Council

  • Events Coordinator - UMass MUN

  • Career Developer-  College of Information and Computer Sciences Careers

    •  Coach students on job/internship search and interviewing strategies.

    •  Develop high quality, scalable resources to prepare students for their career journey.

  • Country Ambassador - Global Millennial MUN

    • Represented India on an international platform and led the team of other country ambassadors.

  • Executive Lead at Jignasa Interface Pvt Ltd and Tamil Association Of North Americans(TANA) 

    • Led Bio Expedition MUN in association with UNEP, Surabhi' 2020, World Environment Day International Fest' 2020 in association with UNESCO




  • Undergraduate Research Assistant – URV Program Winter’21-22

    • One of the 30 selected students to assist in PhD research. 

    • Research assignments included summarizing research papers, analyzing data, coding, shadowing PhD work.

  • Creative Associate – Africa Asia Youth Foundation

    • Utilized UI/UX skills to design, approve, and publish the organization’s publicity materials such as social media posts, sponsorship flyers, and newsletters.

  • Public Relations and Outreach Coordinator – Residence Hall Association

    • Running UMass communications and maintaining RHA’s official website, social media and email.